The Dragon Factory - Jonathan Maberry

The follow up to Patient Zero is pretty solid, but I did miss the zombies. Our villain this time is a mad scientist using weaponized genetic diseases to destroy the world. He's creepy and the reveal of his identity

he's Josef Mengele

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is pretty good. There are multiple threads and sub-plots in this installment, along with suspense and plenty of action.

Overall it's a good thriller - the type of book that's well plotted (no huge, obvious holes), interesting characters and lots of action. Basically, the type of book that often gets turned into big summer blockbuster-style action movies. There was only one thing that made me roll my eyes -

when Grace is locked in the Chamber of Mysteries with Cyrus/Mengele, the twins, Otto, the assassin and the genetically modified Berserker bodyguard, she has the drop on them but doesn't shoot. No, instead, she stands up and tells them to do what she wants. Who does that? I'm pretty sure elite military training includes shooting the gorilla-man and assassin holding a gun as quickly and quietly as possible to neutralize the immediate threats, not popping up to say "hey everybody, drop your guns and do what I say."

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and for that, it loses half a star.