The Snow Child

The Snow Child - I really liked this book. It's extremely well written and you're drawn into the characters and the story. The story starts off with a middle-aged couple, Jack and Mabel, who move to Alaska in the 1920s after their baby is stillborn. They're hoping to escape from the pain of losing their child by starting over in the wilderness, when they build a snow girl one day. The next morning, the snow girl is knocked down and a little blonde girl starts appearing at their farm. Is she their snow girl magically brought to life or a lost child in the woods?This story incorporates the Russian fairy tale about the snow child and keeps the reader guessing. I really enjoyed watching Mabel grow and become more self-reliant as the book went on. I also enjoyed the descriptions of Alaska and the wildlife - it's obvious that the author grew up in Alaska and really appreciated her wild surroundings.I highly recommend this book. It's an engaging and fast read.