Bog Child

Bog Child - Siobhan Dowd This is my favorite Siobhan Dowd book and it's a terrible shame that Ms. Dowd lost her fight with cancer before its publication.The book's main character, Fergus McCann, deals with some weighty subjects - the Troubles, a brother in prison and on a hunger strike, an uncle that's not who Fergus thought he was, exams that will determine his future, falling in love, and a mysterious body, found preserved in the peat moss bog outside of town. Along the way he makes friends with a Welsh soldier stationed at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland near his town and learns a lot about the country's history while he's helping unravel the life and death of the bog child. The story is serious, touching, tense and funny at times.The story is really well written and interesting, though I think a lot of the subject matter may go over the heads of young adults in the U.S., given that they probably won't know much about Ireland and the Troubles. It may inspire a few to learn more about the history, but most will probably gloss right over it. I loved it.