Insurgent (Divergent Series #2)

Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - Wow, this series took a turn for the worse in this book. Tris becomes a whiny baby, which makes large portions of the book painful and annoying to read. Why is it that authors feel the need to make female characters so weak? (I blame you for this, Stephanie Meyer coughcoughBELLAcough.) Tris turns into a dithering idiot in this installment; she's got zero self-esteem (always talking about how weak, small, dishonest, etc., she is), lying to everyone instead of talking to Tobias, who she claims to love, consumed by guilt for acting in self-defense, all at the same time she's angry at Tobias/Four for keeping his own secrets. Major drama queen here - her double-standards are mind boggling, not to mention her whole "I'm the only person who's ever lost my family, so I have to die" BS. Talk about overkill.I also really, REALLY, REALLY want just one book with a female character who doesn't base her whole life around a relationship with a guy. I'm not opposed to the characters being in a relationship, but damn, make the characters normal people, not co-dependent, needy morons. I'll read the third book, but I'm nowhere near as excited for it as I was after reading Divergent.