This book is not the non-fiction version of the movie

Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory - Mickey Rapkin

Interesting.  This book is a non-fiction account of three a cappella groups that was fictionalized and turned into the movie "Pitch Perfect" with Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson.  The movie was cute and funny, so I decided to read the book.  

Overall, the book is interesting, but it does get kind of repetitive.  It features Divisi, the all women's group at Oregon State, the Beelzebubs, the all male group at Tufts, and the Hullabahoos, the all male group at UVA.  In real life, the groups don't meet in some epic battle, they all have their own struggles in different areas of the country.  In fact, the Bubs (as the Beelzebubs are known) and the B'hoos (short for the Hullabahoos) only meet up once.  The repetitiveness comes in from the author's depictions of the groups - the B'hoos are irresponsible, but loveable slackers, the Bubs take themselves WAY too seriously, and Divisi are struggling to find their identity after being robbed at the ICCA finals and losing most of their members to graduation.  He flogs those themes a little too hard and it gets old by the end of the book.

Long story short, the movie is only VERY loosely based on this book.  Don't expect the same story in more detail.