Romance novel for people who hate all that kissing and stuff.

Once Upon a Prince - Rachel Hauck

Ugh, I made the mistake of buying this as one of Amazon's Kindle deals of the day. $2 was too much.  First problem - spelling errors. Seriously.  Does no one edit books anymore? I swear, I find so many books with spelling and grammar errors in them that I can't believe they've made it through multiple drafts and revisions to publication.  It's becoming a MAJOR pet peeve of mine.


Second problem - CHRISTIAN romance.  NOWHERE in the description does this book say it's Christian romance.  I'm not a fan of the genre and wouldn't have purchased the book if I'd known.  It starts out like most romance novels, but somewhere around the 20% mark, it gets all in-your-face churchy.  Like out of nowhere, serious churchy.  Yuck.  I quit about half way through and returned it for a refund.  The characters are too boring to slog through the super-churchy lameness.  Don't bother unless you're into lame Christian romance, where no one even kisses until they're engaged.