Winterwood - Patrick McCabe Hmmm what to say about this book... The prose is great, but the story is almost incomprehensible at times. I found myself having to re-read paragraphs at several points just to figure out what the hell the author was saying. I think there was an interesting plot in there somewhere, but it was really hard to follow - was the protagonist going insane? Was he seeing ghosts? Was Ned his dad or uncle? Did he kill his ex-wife and daughter? Who knows! All I know is that there was a rambling book that only loosely contained a story about a guy who interviewed an old man from his hometown, then got divorced and couldn't see his daughter, faked his own death, then may or may not have stalked, kidnapped and killed his daughter and ex at the urging of either 1) the ghost of the old man or 2) his hallucinations in the form of the "ghost" of the old man.I think my biggest take away from this book is that I should NOT pick up books that have effusive praise on the back/inside flap of the dust jacket instead of a description of what the book is about. Because this book ended up being about nothing that I could discern.