Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris This series went out with a resounding "meh". And a whole lot of EWWWW.The only reason I bothered to read it is because this was the last book, and I got it from the library. Just like the last four or five books - I stopped buying them when the writing and plot started going downhill. The only thing that kept me reading the series to the bitter end was Eric, since somewhere around book 9 or 10, Sookie got up onto her high horse, turned into some churchy, judgmental old lady, and completely lost any ability that she may have possessed to communicate like a normal goddamned human being. Seriously. How much of the last few books could have been figured out in a ten minute conversation? That's what adults do - when something happens, they sit down, talk to each other and figure out a way forward. The Eric/Sookie breakup was the lamest breakup ever - after all of the buildup, all they do is poke their arms with a knife, say "This no longer belongs to you" and never speak again? No death, no tears, Sookie just jumps right on into Sam's bed, even though there's been zero sexual tension between them since the third or fourth book. WHO GIVES UP ERIC, THE SEXIEST VAMPIRE EVER, FOR SAM!?!?!?! Ridiculous.Also lame, the random cameos from all the men Sookie has banged. And basically every other character that's ever appeared in the books and hasn't died yet. They all pop by for dumb reasons, just to be in the story for a couple of pages, then vanish again. I guess that's what passes for "resolution" in Charlaine Harris' world.And the killer (not in a good way) - the ending. Really? After getting shot by Amelia's dad's chauffer because he and Amelia's dad sold their souls to a devil to get her cluviel dor (the one she used on Sam), she gives Amelia's dad to the vampires to kill. Then she has a gross sex scene with Sam, and gets kidnapped by Steve Newlin (going ALLLLL the way back to book 3 to bring up the Fellowship of the Sun) and Johan Glassport (who I didn't even REMEMBER from the earlier books, that's how insignificant he was. Hint to all writers, if you have to have some long exposition to remind me who this guy was and what book he was in, it's not a good thing.) and SURPRISE! they're working with Claude! But Claude's amazing, evil master plan to get Sookie because she didn't want to bang a gay fairy who's also her cousin goes awry when Steve & Johan turn all homophobic on him. Sigh.I'm glad this series is over because the writing, plot and most of the characters are now terrible. Nothing in the last five books or so has even remotely resembled a mystery. I will miss Eric, Pam and Bubba, but Ms. Harris, Sookie and everyone else can go straight to hell for all I care.