Defending Jacob - William Landay

This book has a good premise, but falls very short. The idea is "as a parent, how well can you know your child - would you know if they were capable of murder?" It's an interesting idea, even if it's been done before. I found the technical courtroom parts of this book very well done (I'm a criminal defense attorney) so those segments rang true. The major problem I had with this book was Laurie (the mom character). To put it bluntly, she's every irritating, new age-y stereotype of middle-aged women. Her dialog is terrible and I found myself wishing she'd just go away every time she was in a scene. She always wants to talk about her feelings and everyone else's feelings, so she badgers everyone to talk, then immediately jumps all over whoever is talking and either totally discounts their feelings (that's not how you really feel!) or looks for ulterior motives in the discussion. Gag. Honestly, I grew to hate her so much, I could NOT understand Andy's fascination with her.The other problem I had was the ending. Really? He beats the murder case only to kill a girl while they're on vacation, which forces Laurie to kill him in a car wreck? Really? Then Loguidice is trying to prosecute her for Jacob's "murder"? That's just too much. Sorry, you lost me there.Overall, it had potential, but didn't really ever live up to the hype. It's an ok book and a fast read, but nothing I'd run right out to buy in hardcover.