The Petite Advantage Diet: Achieve That Long, Lean Look. The Specialized Plan for Women 5'4" and Under. - Jim Karas

This book has some good info on calorie needs and strength training for smaller women, but it's a little basic if you've read a lot on the subject of diet and exercise. The one thing I didn't like and actually disagree with Mr. Karas on is running - he claims it will cause you all kinds of injuries and make you gain weight because you'll feel hungrier and eat more after running. Well, if you run with proper form (just like you should lift weights with proper form) you won't have injury problems. If you want to read a really great book on running in general and form specifically, I HIGHLY recommend Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen. You also have to be conscious of your eating when you're running - don't fall into the trap of "Oh, I ran 5 miles so I can have a huge slice of chocolate cake!" In short, I like running, I've had great success with running and I've never been injured because I pay really close attention to my form. (I'm also adding that his no cardio maxim violates rule #1 for surviving the zombie apocalypse. How can you ever hope to survive if you can't outrun some zombies in a pinch?)Other than the running disagreement, I think this is a good starting place for petite ladies (like me) who are struggling to lose weight. I picked up a few new tricks that I'm going to start using and I'll update with what works and doesn't work for me.