The Last Summer of the Death Warriors - Francisco X. Stork

This book is very well written and deals with some pretty adult things for a young adult novel. The characters are interesting and have a lot of depth and the plot is really good. The main characters are D.Q., a 17 year old boy fighting cancer, and Pancho, another 17 year old boy who was recently orphaned when his dad was killed in a freak work accident and his older sister dies under mysterious circumstances. Pancho is obsessed with finding the man he thinks is responsible for his sister's death, but ends up spending his time helping D.Q. D.Q. has his own troubles, his mom abandoned him when he was ten and is trying to force her way back into his life now that she's dealt with her own issues. The two boys have to figure out how to move forward, come what may.I'd recommend this book to older kids, probably 6th grade (eleven-ish), up to adults.