The Last Werewolf - Glen Duncan

The premise of this book was good, but there was way too much werewolf ennui in the first half and a lot of repetition in the second half. For example, the repeated description of the werewolf stink of Talulah. We get it. Werewolves have a stink. Vampires have a different stink. You don't need to repeat it 900 times. It doesn't add to the story and actually made me start zoning out because it was getting ridiculous.Jake Marlowe spends the first half of the book moping around waiting to die because he's the last werewolf. There's a shadowy organization that's hunting him and after 200 years, he's just tired of running from them. That could have been dealt with in half the space it took up in the book. The second half of the book, Jake discovers something to live for: he's not the last werewolf - there's a female named Talulah. So he decides to live, but the shadowy organization is still hunting him. So what does Jake do when the final battle is upon them? He doesn't check to see that the bad guy is really dead after taking a javelin to the chest, and he gets shot in the back. How does a werewolf manage to survive for 200 years being that dumb? And how does the author fall back on something so cliche' as the not-quite-dead-yet villain shooting the protagonist in the back to end the story? Lame.There are some interesting parts of the book that I wish the author had expanded, like Quinn's journal that supposedly contains the origin story of werewolves and the whole vampire interest in werewolves. Maybe he's saving that for the second book, but at this point, I'm not sure if I'll read it. This book gets a pretty resounding "meh" from me. Not terrible, but not good either.