My Teenage Dream Ended - Farrah Abraham

This book is almost as bad as Farrah's new songs and music video. It would take a lot to top those, so my expectations were pretty low going in, but I love 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom for the train wreck value, so I borrowed it from a friend when she finished reading it.It explains a LOT about Farrah's life on the show. I still think she's EXTREMELY immature and self-centered, but the back story about how rocky her parent's marriage is makes her neediness with guys make a lot more sense. I think this book was very revealing, but not in the way that Farrah intended it to be. I know she was shooting for "Look at how mature and independent I am! I'm a great mom even though Sophia's dad died!" What she actually gets is "My mom & step-dad are totally dysfunctional, so I latched onto the first boy that paid me some attention. We had sex, then played silly break-up/make-up games because I was trying to CHANGE him. I lied to everyone, got knocked up, lied to everyone some more and he died because, SURPRISE! you can't make someone change for you."I know Farrah is doing really well as far as school goes, but I can't help but feel that the rest of her life is lived in fantasy land. She still has a LOT of growing up to do and I think, still needs a serious reality check. There is also a serious ewww factor here. She gives way too many details of her sex life with Derek including this particularly nasty gem: she says that when her water broke as she was going into labor that it smelled like Derek's cum insider her. That was disgusting and made me throw up in my mouth a little. Her editor SERIOUSLY needed to cut that sentence out of the book.