A Breath of Snow and Ashes - Diana Gabaldon After the disappointing Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes gets back to the good stuff. Brianna and Roger are still occasionally annoying, but they seemed to have learned some lessons and are more interesting characters in this book. Roger still doesn't get it sometimes - he causes LOTS of talk with his need to "rescue" helpless women. This time it's a young widow that he feels sorry for, prompting everyone to wonder if he's cheating on Brianna. Lame. Roger really needs to grow up and realize that his actions aren't just about him, especially if he's going to be living in colonial America. That's what bothers me about Roger's character - he hurts a lot of people, not because he means to, but because he's clueless. Perpetual cluelessness is a personality trait that REALLY annoys me.Jamie and Claire are featured more prominently in this book as well. I have to say that, while I found Claire's rape scene extremely well written and moving, that everyone being raped is getting a little old. I mean, I know it was very common, but really? Mom, dad AND daughter ALL being raped? What are the chances? It's unrealistic. Moving on, I liked the book and found myself staying up late to find out what happened next. I finished this late last night, and started An Echo in the Bone first thing this morning on my way into work. :)