Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, #11) - Charlaine Harris I'm don't think I like Sookie anymore. She's been involved with vampires and werewolves for eleven books now, but she's still acting like some naive backwoods teenager. I really liked that Eric called her out on her hypocrisy, because that's what she's becoming - a massive hypocrite. She's also getting all high and mighty - who the F is she to get all judgmental about her grandma?! And Eric - why is Eric being written like he's a 13 year old Emo kid? The new rule for Eric's dialog should be "can I picture Alexander Skarsgard saying this?" If the answer is no, DON'T WRITE IT! Make Eric a sexy badass again, please?The one good thing this book did was kill off a bunch of peripheral characters. Here's hoping the next book will be more focused and Sookie will stop being such an unlikable character.