Convicting the Innocent: Where Criminal Prosecutions Go Wrong - Brandon L. Garrett This book has a great premise, and a lot of good information, but the writing style irritated me. I think it would have benefited from another round of heavy editing to get rid of the multiple instances of annoying phrases like "I'll explain in Chapter X" or "As demonstrated in more depth in Chapter Y". Just get to the point - I don't need that much hand-holding.I also thought that the author should have used his sample for the big picture, but gone a lot more into depth on the cases he chose to highlight. I would have liked to know more about the individuals involved and felt that it would have made a much more compelling read, if it felt less like a research paper and more like an application of his research to a few of the selected cases.Overall, the author has some good tidbits of story line and a ton of really interesting information about wrongful convictions. This book is worth skimming for the good stuff, but I felt like "Actual Innocence" by Barry Scheck was a much more compelling and interesting read.