Deadline (Newsflesh Trilogy #2) - Mira Grant As the second book in the series, Deadline does not disappoint! Shaun is left to deal with the fallout of Georgia's death at the end of the Ryman campaign and he's not doing well. The problem is that Georgia has taken up residence in Shaun's head and talks to him. The situation gets even more complicated when Dr. Kelly Connolly of the CDC shows up on the After the End Times' crew's doorstep. Kelly has been researching reservoir conditions, like the retinal KA that George had, and drops the bombshell on Shaun that had he not shot George, she would have recovered from the infection.Needless to say, the CDC doesn't want this information getting out, so Shaun and the crew spend most of the book in danger, while they dig through the layers of the continuing conspiracy. When they confront Dr. Wynne at the CDC, Kelly dies and Shaun, Becks, Maggie, Alaric and Mahir have to go on the run - permanently.This book has the best cliffhanger ending I've read in a long time. Shaun gets bitten on the last ride to meet up with one of the scientists helping them along the way. He's quarantined and tested at her lab - and comes up clean. He's not going to amplify, become a zombie and start snacking on his friends and they don't know why. But, it gets even better! Georgia wakes up in what appears to be a CDC lab without retinal KA and realizes they've cloned her. She remembers her entire life, complete with Shaun killing her when she started to amplify and recognizes that she's a clone! I can't wait for Blackout to find out what happens next!