1984 - Walter Cronkite, Erich Fromm, George Orwell This book was just ok. The ideas and fears expressed in the story seem stale at some points and very timely and current at others, but what bothered me most was the writing style. Orwell's writing seemed to meander all over the place, making the events of the book very hard to follow at certain points. The parts that I liked and that still resonate in 2011 deal with the true nature of Ingsoc and Big Brother's government - it's not socialism at all, but totalitarianism. The strategies used by the Inner Party to keep the Outer Party and the Proles from rising up against them are very similar to the tactics used by the Republican party starting in the late 70s/early 80s to get the lower and middle classes to vote against their own economic best interests.Overall, I think this book is still worth reading, but I preferred the writing of "Brave New World"