The Walking Dead, Book Three - Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn, Rus Wooton The Walking Dead never fails to disappoint!In this installment, the group settles into life at the prison after clearing out all the cell blocks. Glenn finds the guards' supply room and he and Rick decide to use the riot gear to get gas for the generator from the abandoned cars in the parking lot and clear the ever-growing herd of zombies outside the fences. While they're cleaning house, so to speak, they see a helicopter crash nearby. Without thinking about the possible consequences, Rick, Glenn and Michonne take of toward the crash site in one of the cars. This is the first in a series of poor life choices that leads Rick and the whole group directly into more danger.This book is taking place almost a year after the zombie apocalypse and you can sense that the group is getting both restless and slightly sloppy. They've lived in the relative safety of the prison for quite a while and people start taking stupid risks. For example, Rick, Glenn and Michonne take off in the car looking for the downed helicopter with no plan and no backup. When they find it, they keep tracking the footprints, without thinking that the people who made them might not be friendly. They're captured, and in their absence, Tyreese takes the stupid risk of going out looking for them alone. He comes back, but causes a serious security breach when he does, letting the zombies back into the yard.In the end, Rick, Glenn and Michonne make it back to the prison and the group reclaims the yard, but their presence is known to the outsiders, and it's only a matter of time before the prison's location is discovered. Will they stay and fight or will they be conquered by the violent group?