The Pope's Assassin - Luis Miguel Rocha I won this book on Goodreads and was definitely looking forward to getting it in the mail after reading the first two books.This book is a good thriller, much like the first two books in the series, but the pace is a little slower and the plot is a little more complex. I was really interested in the new conspiracy and how the players have shifted into different alliances; especially when JC popped up. I also liked the conflict within the church and having more players from the Vatican involved. It felt like the author scaled back a little after trying to cram too many plots into the last book, so it was a good thing for this story to slow things down.What I didn't like is the relationship between Sarah and Rafael. Having her fall in love with him, even though he's a priest and totally unattainable, is so cliched and boring to me. It feels like a lame "Thornbirds"-type plot to me and doesn't add anything to the story. I was also disappointed that Abu Rashid didn't show up in this book - I still don't really get what his whole plot line was about in the last book. Maybe he'll come back later?