The Holy Bullet - Luis Miguel Rocha, Robin McAllister This is another pretty good thriller with an interesting story and lots of plot twists. I did think that this book tried to cover a little too much ground and got confusing in parts, but it was still pretty good.This book is about the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in 1981. Again, there are shadowy organizations, the Vatican and multiple intelligence agencies each working to further their own agendas. I liked that many of the characters from the first book came back for another appearance and that some of the enemies from the first book have now become allies. I think that the switch really illustrated that there's no such thing as a fixed "enemy" since sides are always drawn depending on the situation. Someone who may have an interest in one piece of information staying secret may have an interest in seeing a different piece of information revealed, so alliances depend on what information you have and what you'd like to see done with it. I really hope the next book, which I won on Goodreads, ties up some of the loose ends that I saw in this book. What was the whole story with Abu Rashid, the Muslim that has been seeing the Virgin Mary on a daily basis? How did he tie into the story? I thought his character was fascinating and I REALLY hope he's a bigger character in the next book.