Full Dark, No Stars - Stephen King Classic Stephen King. This is a must-read for SK fans and I definitely recommend it for everyone else too. The only reason it gets 4 stars is that I generally prefer his novels to his short stories, because I like the amount of character development that goes into his novels. Makes the scary parts that much scarier. :)1922 - Of the stories, I felt this one was the weakest. It was still very good, but I felt like it rehashed Poe's Telltale Heart a little too much (telltale rats in this case). There are some truly gruesome and scary parts when he describes his dead wife in the well and her rat minions, but I felt like it needed a longer treatment to really draw you into the characters.Big Driver - A rape victim takes matters into her own hands in a classic revenge story. I liked that the main character took out the rapist and his accomplices too, but I didn't like her lack of planning. Who goes to kill at least two people with only 5 bullets in their gun?Fair Extension - My favorite of the bunch. I really liked the black humor of this story and Mr. Elvid.A Good Marriage - A very interesting take on the BTK case, or his wife, really. What did she know about her husband's activities? Did she cover for him all those years? How could she NOT know what he was doing? The "Beadie" killer has a normal family life until his wife accidentally finds his trophies in the garage. He confronts her and asks her to keep his secret, swearing that he'll stop killing, but she knows he won't. Forced to decide whether to keep his secret or call the police and turn him in, she comes up with a much better plan.