An Echo in the Bone  - Diana Gabaldon Argh! When is the next book coming out?The Outlander series is firmly back on track with An Echo in the Bone. Jamie and Claire are tossed into the middle of the American Revolution with a lot more of Ian, William, Lord John and some new characters, most notably a Quaker brother and sister, and small doses of Brianna and Roger thrown in. I felt like there were some great parts to the story and some just ok parts.The just ok parts center on Brianna and Roger, surprise, surprise. They've traveled back to modern times with the kids to get Mandy's heart repaired and buy Lallybroch when she's recovered from the surgery. The annoying parts of their personalities are still in full force - Roger mopes around with no job, then gets all pissy when Brianna finds one. Then, when Jemmy is kidnapped near the end of the book, they jump to the conclusion that he's been taken back through the standing stones and Roger goes after him without stopping to think that Jemmy may still be in the 20th Century. Come to find out, he's at one of Brianna's job sites, no more that and few minutes away, not 200 years in the past. So, Roger (and Brianna) have rushed straight into something without thinking AGAIN. Wouldn't you think that they would have learned SOMETHING by now? Like, how to talk to each other like adults and take a step back before deciding on a course of action? Come on, you are 30 something years old - stop acting like stupid teenagers. I'm not sure if the author thinks that they are innocent or that these qualities make them endearing, but it's getting really old. Thankfully, the parts about Roger and Brianna are short and you get back to the good stuff soon.Jamie and Claire are waylaid and they end up at Fort Ticonderoga, where Jamie rejoins the American army. They stay with the army until they can make their way back to Scotland, only to find Ian Murray, young Ian's dad, dying of tuberculosis. While there, they manage to settle things with Laoghaire once and for all and discover that Fergus is possibly nobility and the legitimate heir to a large French fortune.Meanwhile, William has joined the British Army and is involved in several Revolutionary War battles, some of which really drag when you're reading them from his point of view. He finds himself lost in a Virginia swamp at one point and is rescued by young Ian and a Quaker brother and sister team - Denny and Rachel Hunter. The Hunters are a great addition to the story, Denny is a doctor, funny and very likable. Rachel is feisty and I really like her for a love interest for young Ian. I think this relationship is a great "do-over" - it's a way to ensure that the younger generation carries the story forward, while making up for the completely irritating way that Roger and Brianna behave. Lord John is also caught up in the story, being present in Philadelphia with William, Claire, the Hunters and eventually Jamie and Jenny. The book ends with Lord John married to Claire after Jamie is presumably lost at sea, William's discovery of his parentage and Jamie's "kidnapping" Lord John. So many cliffhangers!I really can't wait to find out how the Lord John/Jaime and Claire situation works out, not to mention watching the relationships develop between Rachel and young Ian and Denny and Dottie, and seeing how William is going to deal with his new family and Lord John. I'm not really looking forward to more Roger and Brianna drama, but I'm sure they'll be present and accounted for. Maybe they'll finally learn something? Would that be too much to ask?