Dust - Joan Frances Turner This is really a 2 1/2 star book - interesting, but not my favorite. The characters were interesting, but the story got a little tangled in places. I found myself having to go back a few pages and re-read sections to figure out what was going on. It was also surprisingly short on suspense for a zombie novel. There were a couple of scenes where I found myself reading quicker to find out what happened, but there were a lot more scenes that fell flat. The main character of the book, Jessie, is a zombie, which gives the book an interesting premise. I think more could have been done with it, but, like I said before, it's not bad. It's a quick read and I would recommend it to anyone who's hard-core into zombie fiction. If you're looking for scares or suspense, skip it, you'll be bored before you get to any of the interesting sections.