Blackout (Newsflesh Trilogy, #3) - Mira Grant I don't think I can write a spoiler-free review of this book, so I'm not even going to try.HOLY COW! Shaun is crazy, Georgia's a 97% match clone, Ryman's family is being held hostage by the CDC to cover up the fact that they've been killing off people with reservoir conditions, that there's no cure for KA and that they released KA-infected mosquitoes in Cuba which (oopsie!) blew into Florida on a hurricane just to bury the news of Shaun's break in at the Memphis CDC, Rick is working with the EIS to bust this whole thing open and Becks dies to save them all from a zombie horde in the White House! Wow, just wow. I have to say, I liked it - I liked how Ms. Grant wrapped things up. I know there will be some people who don't like the "happily ever after" ending for Georgia and Shaun, but dammit, I think they deserved it. Is it kinda weird that they're a couple? A little. But they aren't really brother & sister. They were adopted from two totally different families. Does it totally blow that Becks dies? Yeah, but that's how things go in zombie apocalypse novels. Not everyone makes it out. I like that Steve, Rick and Ryman all put in appearances at the end and that Rick is still a Newsie finding a way to get the truth out there.