Patient Zero (Joe Ledger #1) - Jonathan Maberry This was a really fast and enjoyable read. The story revolves around Joe Ledger, a Baltimore cop who's involved in a raid on a suspected terrorist cell. After the raid leaves 13 terrorists dead, Joe is recruited by an ultra-secret government organization - where he finds out the terrorist weapon du jour is a zombie bioweapon. The pacing, characters and writing are all great and I really enjoyed the double- and triple-crosses in the plot. The story is clear, but you never really know who is working together and who is just pretending until the end. The other thing this book does really well is the science. I really like zombie novels that develop the science behind the outbreak, like this and Feed by Mira Grant. Don't get me wrong, it's just as creepy if zombies just appear with no rhyme or reason, but I'm really enjoying the new science explorations in some of the more recent zombie novels.I'd recommend this book to people who enjoyed Feed and World War Z and people who enjoy spy/thriller novels. It's a really good mix of both.