I totally called this one in my review of Once

Rise - Anna Carey

It's not exact, but I did a pretty good job. Once review here. (warning - SPOILERS)


Eve IS pregnant with Caleb's kid and she does try to assassinate her father before the rebels attack the city, but fails, so now he knows she's a traitor.  Moss is killed in their escape, so she goes on the run with a small group of girls she's rescued from one of the schools, Clara, Beatrice, and Beatrice's daughter, Sarah.  She's leading her band of girls to Califia and meets up with Pip and Ruby at the dugout where she first got to know Caleb.  Pip and Ruby are both pregnant, but escaped with Arden, thanks to Eve's key; though Arden hasn't been seen since she joined up with the boys to help the rebels attack the city.  Pip dies at the dugout from a pregnancy complication.  Ruby makes it to Califia with the rest of the group, but Eve knows her dad won't let her go, so she goes back to finish what she started and assassinate him.  She shoots her dad, the colonies join the attack on the city and the city falls to the rebels.  Eve is captured and taken to their leader to determine if she'll be executed too, but SURPRISE! the leader is Arden.  Obviously, Arden doesn't execute her and they transition the city to a democracy, with Eve taking temporary power until elections can be held.  They search the refugee camps for signs of the boys from the dugout and SURPRISE AGAIN! the only survivor is Caleb, who's been kept alive as a prisoner by a kindly doctor who was ordered not to treat him after he'd been shot, but did anyway.

Overall this series is ok.  I think there's way too much emphasis placed on the relationship between Eve and Caleb throughout the series and Eve doesn't really grow a whole lot.  I'd like to see her gain strength and stand on her own, instead of mooning over Caleb the whole time.  Like I've said before, there's nothing wrong with having a relationship in a series, I'd just prefer the female lead to be more independent and strong.  I think Ms. Carey tried to make Eve strong, but she only grew to a certain point, then stopped.  Arden was a MUCH better character and I'd love to see another book in the series from her perspective, something that fills in the gaps from when Arden and Eve aren't together.