No more, I'm done with this series.

City of Ashes  - Cassandra Clare

I gave this series a shot, but after 2 books of Clary's ridiculousness, I'm done.  I can't deal with Clary being in love with her brother.  At the end of the book

Simon breaks up with her because he wants to be with someone who actually loves him back, so what does she do? She runs to Jace, to tell him that she doesn't care if he's her brother, she looooooves him and wants to be with him! 

(show spoiler)

Let me repeat that SHE'S IN LOVE WITH HER BROTHER.  Gross.  She spends something like 2/3 of the book mooning over Jace, swearing she doesn't stare at him or act like a complete idiot whether he's around or not, and describing how gorgeous/smokin' hot/sexy/beautiful HER BROTHER is.  The author tries to justify their incest with ridiculous dialog like "Love takes your choices away." (p. 211)  Vomit.  No.  False.  I don't care if Alexander Skarsgard was propositioning me, if I found out he was my brother, he would instantly become the ugliest dude on the planet.

In addition to a heaping dose of incest, you have Clary's inability to function like a normal 16 year old person.  Ever.  Any time she has to make a decision or even communicate in a basic manner, she totally fails.  

You also have Jace, who is so tortured, you guys! You should love him and want to saaaaave him, even though he acts like an asshole and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  He treats everyone like shit because his dadddy was MEAN to him, so that makes it all ok.

The last straw for me is the sheer amount of time the author spends describing the tiniest details that in no way, shape or form have any importance to the story, then has the major action and plot of the book happen in 100 pages or so (total) spread out through the book.  You have to slog through pages and pages of descriptions of Isabelle's hair, or Alec's clothes, or Jace's eyes to get to 10 page chunks of actual story.  

I will never understand the rabid following of this series and I won't be reading the rest of them.  I can't do it.  There are too many other good books in the world to waste time on this.