More ravens, more problems...

The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater

The second installment of the Raven Boys trilogy pays off in the end, but you have to stick with it because it sometimes seems like parts of the story are totally unrelated to the previous book.  The first book focused much more on Gansey and Blue, where this book focuses a lot more on Ronan and Adam.  It also sets the stage to resolve the Glendower quest by showcasing Ronan and Adam's special talents.  It's well written and free from spelling and grammatical errors, and typos (which is sad that I even have to mention it, but the number of mistakes I'm finding in books seems to be multiplying exponentially).  I'm definitely interested in seeing how this all wraps up in the last book; where Maura, Mr. Gray and Neeve have all gotten off to, how Gansey dies, if they find Glendower, what happens to Adam if they do and what becomes of Ronan and Chainsaw

I really hope that the third book doesn't find some ridiculous way to save Gansey so he and Blue can be together, though.  That would be a lame ending.