Short stories were more entertaining than the novel as a whole.

The Tiger's Wife - Téa Obreht

This book really felt like a couple of short stories that were patched together with the overarching story of Natalia and her grandfather to create a novel.  I liked the stories of the deathless man and the tiger's wife, and how they interwove, but I didn't like Natalia's story at all.  You never connect with Natalia and only connect with her grandfather during his appearances in the other two stories.  There's a lot of superfluous detail in Natalia's narrative, and it takes forever for the action to start.  I almost gave up on this book because I was 25% in and nothing had happened yet.  

Overall, it was ok, but not great.  If Natalia's narrative had as much thought and detail put into the plot as the other two stories, it could be amazing, but it really did feel like she was an afterthought put into the story to make the two short stories into a novel.