Very well written, but a tiny bit predictable

The Night Guest - Fiona McFarlane

I really liked this book, but it lost half a star for being a tiny bit predictable.  Maybe I'm just a little cynical, but I saw the ending coming about half way through the book.

The warning signs were all there that Frida and George were con artists setting Ruth up to steal her money.  As soon as Frida started undermining Ruth's confidence in her own memory and making Ruth more and more dependent on her I started to suspect she was up to no good.  When Ruth trashes the house and finds all the pills in Frida's room, it confirmed that Frida was over-medicating her to make her confused and easier to control, and when things like that happen, it's only a matter of time until the big financial scam pays off.

(show spoiler)

That being said, it's still a very good book and I'd recommend it.