Good but not great.

Labor Day - Joyce Maynard

The connection between the main characters is interesting, but you can see the train wreck coming a million miles away.

Of course the kid is going to screw it all up! He can't keep his dumb mouth shut and tells the girl he just met in the library that the escaped convict on the news (with a huge reward that she just said she needed to pay her private school tuition) is hiding out at his house.  How could that possibly come back to bite him in the ass? All because he's made up in his mind that they're going to leave him with his dad.  So, instead of asking, he just assumes away.

(show spoiler)

I was also super annoyed with Frank for escaping when he only had two years left on his sentence.  He was so close to getting out! It was a good annoyance though, since I was connecting to his character a lot and it's supposed to make you feel annoyed and sympathetic to his story at the same time.  I also liked the ending, even though I didn't really like how Henry's story turned out.  That felt a little too neat and easy.

Overall it was enjoyable and a quick read.  I'll probably see the movie when it comes out on DVD, since I missed it in theaters and I love Kate Winslet.