The Weirdness: A Novel - Jeremy Bushnell

This one really bogged down for a while. I liked the premise, and the beginning and end were good, but the middle third really wandered off in a tedious direction. I thought there was way too much of the main character's inner monologue and not enough action moving the story along.

The other problem for me was that the main character got on my nerves. He was all full of first world problems and whiny-ness, not to mention being REALLY dumb, and I felt like I just wanted to slap him several times. To me, he read like an annoying hipster that dreams of grandeur, but is unwilling to grow up, act like an adult and do the serious work that needs to be done to achieve anything. Lucifer Morningstar, on the other hand was great. He was funny, smart and engaging, and definitely my favorite character (though Billy's dad was a good one too).

Overall this was a 2.5/3 star book. I'm glad I got it from the library, since it wasn't really what I was expecting based on the cover summary, and ended up being just kind of "Meh" for a lot of the book.