Very suspenseful, but definitely not horror

The Fever: A Novel - Megan Abbott

I received a copy of this book for free from NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.


I liked this book, but I think it's mis-labeled as a horror novel.  It's a very tense, suspenseful thriller, but not scary. 


That being said, it does suspense very well.  The characters are each hiding something, and the reader has to try to guess if their secrets are the kind of harmless drama that comes with being a teenager, or if it's something much more sinister.  The main characters are teenagers and have the usual teen angst, but Ms. Abbot manages to capture this without making them shallow or annoying.  That seems to be especially hard to do, judging by the amount of angsty and annoying teen characters I've read in the last few years.


The Fever is a very fast read and the story definitely sucks you in and keeps you wanting to know what happens next.  I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that likes suspenseful novels.